A typical expression of the region with its blend of native grapes: Sangiovese, Ciliegiolo, Canaiolo and Malvasia Nera. A sensory experience rich and enveloping, almost sensual, sincere and never artificial, this wine wants to be drunk. An ode to joy.


A Sangiovese in purity with great class, austere and noble, that gradually opens in the glass giving you wonderful evocative hints typical of a Sangiovese refined in oak barrels. The Rivale is influenced by the beautiful texture and balance of tannins. A wine to loose yourself in the pleasure of meditating.

Ripa Bianca

A beautiful acidic structure and minerality, with notes of bread, yeast and a delicate sea breeze. A simple wine where simple is not trivial, a wine that gives in every breath the carefree, vitality and desire of the sea.


A structured and ageing white, vinous but full of notes of butter and cream, with an impressive persistence for a white and a light bitter almond aftertaste given by the tuff soils on which Trebbiano, Malvasia and San Colombano are cultivated on. A mixture of complexity and lightness.


A Sangiovese rosé wine with soft hints of strawberries and raspberries with cream and which no risk on the palate: full mouth, wonderful acidity and minerality, delicate but with intense tannins. The joy of youth, suitable from the aperitif to dessert.

The qualities of our wine and quality certificates

Our products are certified Demeter (biodynamic farming) and Bioagricert (organic farming).
Only the products produced in accordance to Demeter's international standards for biodynamic quality standards have the right to use the Demeter logo.
Farmers, transformers and distributors of Demeter Italia are committed to ensuring biodynamic quality to consumers with an objective and professional system controlled annually by Demeter International.
Bioagricert certifies organic production according to international organic quality standards. An independent control and certification body like Bioagricert ensures that all production requirements are respected throughout the whole supply chain, from seed to shelf.


Demeter is the only international brand for the certification of Biodynamic products.
Demeter Italia is a private association of producers, processors and distributors of biodynamic agricultural and food products.


Bioagricert has been active in the field of agro-food certification since 1984 and provides companies with effective and timely controls.