The Winegrower - from Ing to Ving (ingegnere - vignaiolo, engineer to winemaker)

I became a winegrower while searching for myself, changing my perspective of life, from engineer to winegrower, throwing myself into play, into adventure. During that quest I became part of the land and the land became part of myself. I got lost many times and made many mistakes, but I always managed to get back on the right track.
Being a winegrower is a vocation, is about creating a deep and special, almost spiritual relationship with the earth. It means happiness and a sense of satisfaction for a wine that you been patiently waiting for years, as well as sadness and despair for the loss of the crop, the fault of a fierce midsummer hail.
Being a winegrower means to be able to observe and interpret the nature and the elements; to work on hands and knees, in the rain or in the sun, bending over backwards to finish the work in time, working until peeling and bleeding, sweating copiously along your forehead and down your back.
In a winegrower wine, you will find soil, sweat, tears and blood.

The biodynamic choice

Biodynamic agriculture besides being a cultivation method is a philosophy of life based on the Anthroposophical spiritual vision of the world.
Its creator Rudolf Steiner, philosopher, esoteric master and pedagogue, developed this theory with the aim of restoring land fertility as well as producing lively food capable to feed man’s body and soul and giving him good health.
Steiner's practical tips in the book "Scientific and spiritual impulses for the progress of agriculture" are based on a different interpretation of the nature and the living beings and their manifestations, which appear to us today as an exciting interlacing of ecology, philosophical ethics and esoteric mystery.
According to Steiner, the farm is a real living organism in which the various components, animals, plants, water, minerals and man live in equilibrium with each other.
"Cosmos, sun, moon, and planets are indissolubly linked to the fate of man and Earth, and there are energy bonds that are at the very basis of life.”