“ I approached Earth and Wine whilst looking for myself, and I started all over again from scratch, with the innocence of a child.

Stefano Gonnelli, Winegrower

Terre del Ving Philosophy

Terre del Ving is an adventure and a project, an idea of nomadic viticulture that begins with the assumption that the land never really belongs to us. Terre del Ving takes care of abandoned vineyards, those no longer “worthwhile", those unwanted or poorly productive vineyards and yet belonging to the Tuscan terroir, with its excellence to be revealed, a story to tell. Nomadic viticulture as a philosophy in life and in agriculture; moving, shifting, transforming and continually renewing itself, sowing the germ of "good agriculture", producing wines that are always unique, always bringing new tastes, experiences, emotions, stories of wine. Stories that are part of myself.


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